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Jan Gordon: "Here's what caught my attention:

 AxelAs long as people search for a product not knowing their name or a technology, not knowing its source or a solution not knowing who is a potential supplier SEO is an important part of the marketing mix...

However, this is slowly and steadily changing.

Today 60 – 80% of the so called educated purchase decision is based on recommendations by trusted individuals or groups that have no or no significant interest in the sale but helpful and experienced people using or knowing the product or service in need.


And the number of recommendation based purchases is steadily growing. I'm sure it will hit the 80 – 90% range in the next 5 to 10 years.

Now – what does that mean to SEO?

Why should a business invest in search engine optimization if most of the purchase decisions are based on recommendations?

Wouldn't it be smarter to invest into the "recommendation chain" instead in SEO?

Wouldn't it be more effective and successful to make sure people recommend a product than hoping to come up higher in the list of search results?"


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