How To Write Compelling Call-to-Action Copy That Gets Visitors To Click | Internet Marketing Strategy 2.0 |

From the article: "Good writing matters in marketing; being able to articulate ideas clearly is key to capturing the attention of prospects."


Here some immediately applicable tips for effective call-to-action copy


1) Begin With Subjects & Verbs:

Verbs and subjects help us to quickly glean the meaning of a sentence, acknowledging this when crafting your online call-to-action is crucial when the attention of readers is more elusive. Verbs are the part of speech that generate the most shares on Twitter.


2) Include Numbers:

Numbers are a great way to break through the clutter of ambiguity, be specific about your offer, and set the right expectations. A number tells visitors exactly what they’re going to get, how much of it, for how long, etc.


3) Use Adverbs Sparingly:

Marketers should use adverbs in their call-to-action only if it aids in the understanding of the message.

Adverbs are the part of speech that gets the fewest number of shares on Twitter.


4) Keep it Between 90 and 150 Characters:

The standard advice for calls-to-action has been to keep them short and concise. Your CTA should contain enough information about the benefits and specifics of your offer.


5) Make Language Less Technical and More Practical:

Emphasize the benefits of the offer and how it can make your prospects smarter. Stay away from overly technical jargon.


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