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Scooped by Robin Good
October 21, 2012 3:04 AM!

Visualize and Discover Top Keywords In Any Text with VocabGrabber

Visualize and Discover Top Keywords In Any Text with VocabGrabber | Internet Marketing Strategy 2.0 |

Robin Good: VocabGrabber is a free web-based app that allows you to easily visualize all of the keywords contained in any text and to identify the most relevant ones at a glance.

VocabGrabber, a service from Thinkmap Visual Thesaurus, instantly calculates frequency, main subject categories covered, and can sort by relevance, alphabetical order and familiarity all of the words therein contained and save them for you in a word list.

"VocabGrabber analyzes any text you're interested in, generating lists of the most useful vocabulary words and showing you how those words are used in context."

Not only.

Vocabgrabber creates also a visual thesaurus map related to any word you want to explore, provides definitions for any term highlighted and examples of how that word is ised inside the text.

Free to use.

Try it out now:

Massimiliano Cammuso's comment, December 6, 2012 6:16 PM
wow sembra proprio una figata!
Scooped by Robin Good
January 2, 2012 12:59 PM!

5 Alternative and Little-Known Keyword Research Tools | Bluglass

5 Alternative and Little-Known Keyword Research Tools | Bluglass | Internet Marketing Strategy 2.0 |

Destiny Cushing, a buddying SEO blogger at has put together a valuable showcase of five different and little known keyword research tools.

Beyond Google’s Keyword Tool, Wordtracker, SEO Book’s Keyword Suggestion Tool, and Keyword Discovery there is indeed a little universe of alternative possibilities.

And among the many, these five were selected on the basis of three very specific requirements:

a) the tool has to be free

b) it must be immediately useful, and

c) it must provide something you can’t get with the full-service tools (they offer additional insights and ways to manipulate your keyword lists that the other tools don’t offer. And for free.)

Here their names.

See if you have heard about them before diving in:

  • Übersuggest – Alphabet Keyword Suggestion Tool
  • Soovle – Keyword Suggestions from 7 Search Engines
  • – Keyword Combiner
  • Yahoo! Search Clues – Trend Analysis
  • YouTube Keyword Tool

Superuseful. 9/10.

Read it all: 

(Curated by Robin Good)

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