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Austin Carr writes on FastCoCreate.com: "Yesterday at New York’s fMC, the Facebook Marketing Conference, the company echoed that very sentiment as it argued that following brands on Facebook is no different than following friends and family.


Introducing a suite of new advertising tools--enhanced brand Pages, premium offers, mobile ad placements--the social network reasoned that users would appreciate the additional avenues advertisers now have to reach them, because advertisers share "quality" content.


"Our main objective is to make sure that over time, the advertising is as good as the content you would receive from your friends or family," said Carolyn Everson, Facebook’s VP of global marketing solutions. "It’s very similar to your own Facebook experience.


There are certain friends that you probably love getting updates from--they are witty and interesting--and that’s really what we’re trying to do with brands: Stop thinking about brands over here and people over here, but actually [think of] brands as people.


Facebook is definitely trying to push brands to use the social network to create more engagement, as it seems more and more difficult on the crowded platform. 


But we know now that content is king and context is god.


Being a publisher not only gives you control on what you share but from where you share it. How to get more visibility than that?


Nothing is more powerful than publishing your content where you have a chance to be heard. 


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