How To SEO Self-Audit Your Web Site | Internet Marketing Strategy 2.0 |

Robin Good: Good article by Meghan Keaney Anderson on the HubSpot Blog. If you are somewhat new to SEO and to optimizing your web site, here's a simple and well illustrated six-step process that can you can follow.

"When it comes to getting your website found in search, little things can make a big difference. But sometimes it's hard to find the time -- or know where to start.

Here's an idea: Set aside 15 minutes in the next week to conduct an audit of what you think are 5 of your most influential web pages.

Then audit those pages with the following six steps to make sure you have all your SEO bases covered."

Here the six steps suggested (get the details on how to carry out each one in the original full article):

Step 1: Check Your Meta Descriptions

Step Two: Review Your Page Title

Step 3: Optimize Your H1 Tags

Step 4: Make Images More User/Search Friendly With Alt Text

Step 5: Optimize the Anchor Text of Your Links

Step 6: Leverage Calls-to-Action"

Informative. Very useful. 8/10

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