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Robin Good: My personal thanks go to Liz Wilson on the Community Blog, where she has published a great article about Adam Westbrook's fantastic eBook "Inside the Story" (I bought a copy after reading her review) where he collects and curate inspirational ideas and anectodes from 24 digital storytellers.

According to the author, the eBook was inspired by a project by Seth Godin – an ebook created collaboratively.

"The key word is authenticity.

Audiences are skeptical of commercials and advertising these days and don’t respond to it.

Journalists are good at telling real authentic stories.

Everyone has a story — even the smallest small business owner — and it is that story which customers respond to now."

The article contains also useful tips, advice and links to resources as well as a short list of brilliant digital storytellers from whom you can take inspiration from.

Must read article. Resourceful. Inspiring. 9/10

Here is the ebook: