How To Make It Easy for Others To Retweet Your Quality PDF or eBook | Internet Marketing Strategy 2.0 |

Robin Good: Knowing how to facilitate the sharing of your good work is a key skill today, as if it isn't easy, immediate and frictionless, most people will not take the extra time to stop and invest their own time to let their friends know.

This is why knowing how to add a Retweet button at the end of your eBook or PDF guide can be so useful and effective. And by the way, retweeting is not the same as tweeting. So if you know how to package a ready-made "tweet" for others to use, the benefits you get are more than just one.

From the original article by Michael Stelzner: "Did you know you can add retweet buttons inside your PDF files?

The benefit: readers can effortlessly share your great work with their Twitter followers—just by clicking a button in your PDF file.

Below I lay out how to do this in six simple steps."

Useful. Well explained. 7/10