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From the article intro: "Google Search Plus Your World builds traffic a bunch of ways.

The best (so far) is the ‘Plus Box’: The Google Plus Box.


Question is, how does Google decide which pages and profiles get that coveted spot?

Also, how does Google decide which search queries get the plus box, and which ones don’t?

Key takeaways:

The top factors for plus box placement appear to be, from most to least important:

  • Reach
  • Circle membership
  • Freshness
  • Post frequency (if your posts are good)
  • Average plus ones per post
  • Re-shares and replies (comments) per pos
  • And, Google’s far more likely to show a plus box for broad concepts with low commercial intent, versus niche terms with high commercial intent

Here’s what I recommend you do, if you want your best shot at an organic placement for your plus profile:

  • Circle influential people with big circle membership.
  • Comment on and re-share their stuff.
  • Post frequently. At least a few times a day. 
  • Try to gain relevance for the non-commodity term that fits your industry. “Design”, not “Designer”. “Fashion”, not “Jeans”."

If you want to check out an in-depth report, that leveraged also the contribution of other 40 SEO experts, provides lost of detailed info and stats, I do suggest you take a dive into this interesting report from Ian Lurie.

Very informative. 9/10 

Full report: