How To Create An Effective Landing Page with Unbounce | Internet Marketing Strategy 2.0 |

Creating a professional-looking landing page is no easy task. Especially if you are not a geek or a web designer, trying to put together a web page that does its job of informing clearly while capturing your prospect name and email is definiteòy a challenging task.

Unbounce is one of the best services out there that can be used for this very purpose. I have tried it, used it and I do recommend it to my all online web publishing students. It is "that" good.

I am quite happy therefore that Abhimanyu Ghoshal has decided to find the time to write this good introductory article about Unbounce and the good things it offers.

If you are looking to build a landing page as good as this one: then I strongly suggest you give a good read to this article.

Informative. 8/10

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(Reviewed by Robin Good)