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Rescooped by Robin Good from SEO and Social Media Marketing
June 16, 2012 4:01 PM!

SEO for Facebook Pages [Video]

SEO for Facebook Pages [Video] | Internet Marketing Strategy 2.0 |

From the original article: "Facebook is probably not the first place you would think to go for SEO advice. However, the social media giant is looking to change that.


With the help of Distilled, an online marketing agency, Facebook launched a new video that provides users tips on how to optimize their Facebook pages.


The video is aimed more at business owners than seasoned SEOs, but it’s the first video Facebook has released providing users with this type of advice for optimizing their Facebook pages for search engines.


The video takes users step-by-step through a number of processes for building an optimized Facebook page with a good name and quality, relevant content. Then it shows you how to get links and likes for your new, awesome page.


The video does tend to focus more on why all of these things are important, rather than on advanced link-building tips. However, for a small business owner just learning about search marketing, it’s a good beginner’s resource".


Take a look at this video here:

Via Antonino Militello
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Scooped by Robin Good
April 15, 2012 5:09 AM!

Offer Discounts, Bonuses and Special Deals To Your Facebook Fans: Facebook Offers Are Here

Robin Good: Facebook Offers is a new service from Facebook which allows Page owners to publish unique offers and discounts to their readers. 

Facebook Offers makes it in fact possible for anyone who “likes” a business or brand on Facebook to receive special deals. 

How it works

1) A Business Page can post Offers to their page just like they would any status update and the Offer will appear in the follower’s news feed.

2) Offers images are 90 pixels by 90 pixels.
Headline text allows 90 characters.
Terms and conditions text allows 900 characters.

3) You have to set an expiry date.

4) You can see how many people have claimed your Offer below the offer’s headline and you can choose to target your Offer’s audience by country and language.

5) To Claim Offers when people see your Offer in their news feeds or on your Page, they’ll need to follow these steps to claim and redeem your Offer:

Click Get Offer to see details. Then they Click Claim Offer to have the offer sent to their email address associated with their Facebook account.

Read more: 

Facebook offers are free to use for Page owners.

Facebook Offers is not yet available for everyone but you can submit your request to access this new service here: 

(Via Flavian Mihai and Genevieve Lachance) 

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