How a Landing Page Evolves Over The Years: 37signals Basecamp 2004-2012 | Internet Marketing Strategy 2.0 |

Excerpted from original the article:


A company’s landing page (i.e., homepage) is a critical marketing asset for a company.


In many cases, it’s one of the first impressions that customers have of your products and service


Thanks to the Way Back Machine, I was able to capture screenshots of Basecamp’s landing page iterations over time. (from 2004 to 2012)


I’m focusing on just the major landing page changes, paying special attention to above the fold revisions. 


Curated by Agostino Caniato:


How was the Basecamp team able to significantly improve its landing page over time, from 2004 to 2012? Find out in this excellent analysis by Michael Fern


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