How To Measure the ROI of Tweets | Advertising Age | Internet Marketing Strategy 2.0 |

Zach Rosenberg writes on Digital Age:

"We need to not only measure brand sentiment, we need to gauge its value both positive and negative and determine how it impacts offline media activity and further, channel selection and weight levels.

We need to look at the tone of a post and also references within the post, not to mention volume and source.

There are many digital actions that can affect consumer perceptions and behaviors, including but not limited to:

  • Visiting a brand's website
  • Becoming a fan of a brand on Facebook
  • Following a brand on Twitter
  • Reading a sponsored brand blog
  • Posting a video about a brand
  • Downloading a brand phone app"

But what are the key questions to ask to measure ROI for tweets. Mr Rosenberg sugest the following ones:

  • "Is there more conversation around the brand today than there was yesterday, particularly around "intent to try" and "intent to purchase?
  • Is the positive sentiment around the brand also greater today than it was yesterday?
  • How much exposure did we generate?
  • What was the eCPM with the earned impressions that resulted?
  • What would the equivalent media value be of the earned impressions unto themselves?"

Finally, Mr Rosenberg provides a formula and a couple of specific examples illustrating real-world situations that explain how tweets ROI, or better yet, Rating Points for Twitter can be calculated.

Insightful. 8/10

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