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Excerpted from the original article: "Landing pages are the heart and soul of an inbound marketer's lead generation efforts, so why are they still so underutilized?

The number one reason businesses don't use landing pages is because their marketing department doesn't know how to set them up or they are too overloaded.


First, let's start with a simple definition:

A landing page is a web page that allows you to capture a visitor's information through a lead-capture form (AKA a conversion form).


Creating landing pages allows you to target your audience, offer them something of value, and convert a higher percentage of your visitors into leads, while also capturing information about who they are and what they've converted on.


Landing pages can make your marketing and lead generation efforts more effective.

Here are 6 more compelling reasons:


1) Easily Generate Leads!

If you could do one thing right now to drastically improve your lead generation efforts, it would be to use landing pages on your website.


2) Give Your Offers a Place to Live:

The idea is to require your website visitors to 'pay' you in contact information for something valuable like an offer, and your landing page is the collections tool.


3) Collect Demographic Information About Your Prospects:

Every time a lead completes a conversion form on a landing page, your marketing and sales team is collecting valuable information about your leads.


4) Understand Which Prospects Are More Engaged:
Landing pages not only enable you to generate new leads; they also allow you to track reconversions of existing leads, which you can then use to identify which prospects are more engaged with your business.


5) Provide Fuel for Other Marketing Channels:

Landing pages are a great addition to any marketer's content arsenal since they can be shared in social media, used as the focus of dedicated email sends and in lead nurturing campaigns, be linked to in PPC ads, and get found in organic search.


6) Offer Insights Into the Effectiveness of Your Marketing Offers:
Every time you create a landing page, you're creating another data asset for your marketing program.


Landing pages should always be followed up by what's called a 'thank-you page,' that confirms receipt of the lead's information and either provides the offer, or details the next steps for receiving the offer..."


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