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Excerpted from the original article: "If you're looking for the quickest way to create a great landing page, invest your time in creating copy that follows these 7 landing page copywriting best practices.


1) Use Action-Oriented Language

If within 3 seconds, a site visitor can't glean what exactly they can do on that page, they click the back button.


2) Use Value-Oriented Language

The value is the "so what?" of your landing page copy. Use language to convince visitors that the time they'll spend filling out your form is worth it for the offer they'll receive


3) Use Reader Keywords

What is a reader keyword? It's a phrase I just made up to describe the keywords a reader -- not a search engine, a reader -- will look for while scanning your page to understand what the page is about.


4) Write Using the Second Person

Writing in the second person means instead of saying "I," you speak in your readers' terms by saying "You" and "Your."


5) Go for Clarity Over Creativity

You're on a timer. It's set for 3 seconds. There's no time for fluffy language.


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