Authenticity Vs. Perfection: How To Brand Like A Rock Star | Fast Company | Internet Marketing Strategy 2.0 |

Billy Joel’s schmaltzy ballad “Honesty” spoke the truth back in 1979.


Karen Dietz: I really like this post because it is all about the quality of authenticity -- and not worrying about being perfect!


Authenticity is the heart and soul of business storytelling. This post uses rock bands to talk about this.  As the author says, "There was a point, only a few years ago, where having a solid rock star brand meant covering up every wart and imperfection."


And, "A point to consider about honesty in branding: We human beings are wonderfully imperfect creatures, and we can only relate and bond with other wonderfully imperfect creatures."


Dare to be honest, authentic, and imperfect in your stories and story sharing.  It will make you much more human and relatable :)