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ReportGrid is a new web-service that allows any web publisher to create well-designed charts and graphs out of the traffic being recorded on his web pages and to easily publish them online.

Two critical items characterize this service: 

1) Quality visualization of web analytics data

2) Tools to publish it online 

As a user you have a lot of control in selecting what kind of data visualization approach you want to use and what data to bring in, but, to me, the key innovation here is the use of analytics data for "public" promotion and marketing purposes.

In 2004 I wrote: "...Though I am aware of breaking out from the traditional approach to the use of Web server statistics, but I would strongly suggest independent publishers, reporters, bloggers and online journalists of all kinds, to make (a representative sample) of their log server stats publicly available.


My recommendation is: Make it completely transparent for everyone to see how well you are doing.

The more transparent you are, the more credible your information will be."


This is why I think Reportgrid is offering something that will be of increasing value in the near future.

I bet, that it will not be long in fact before Google Analytics offers itself multiple ways to publish, embed and share its data.

Free and paid versions avalable.

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(Reviewed by Robin Good)