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Corbett Barr writes over at ThinkTraffic.net:

"For every blog post you write, you should be asking yourself these two essential questions:

1) How will this post deliver unmissable value to my audience? (also known as the “what’s in it for my readers” question)

2) How can I present this information best so that it will be read and shared by as many people as possible?

When it comes to presenting the information in the best way possible, there are really two things to focus on most, headlines and something I’ll call post types here."

- ...and I definitely agree. Headlines and content format types are absolutely "strategically vital" in helping your content be found first and be immediately appreciated next.

These are indeed two areas that can provide tremendous positive benefits when one starts to explore new approaches and methods outside of what everyone else is doing.

"Beyond headlines, there are certain types of posts that constantly attract more readers, comments, tweets, stumbles and links than other types of posts. ...I’m talking about the overall structure and concept of a post...

If you study popular blogs, you’ll find a number of different post types that are constantly used and that constantly become the most popular posts on the web.

...I narrowed those different post types down to [FIVE] that... "

P.S.: Two of these alternative formats, n.1 and n.5 are two great and effective "curated content" formats, which may be easier to approach and appear to be built on more solid value-generating foundations. 

Valuable advice: 7/10


(Curated by Robin Good)