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Robin Good: Just as much as music is no longer in the hands of record companies and books are no longer in the hands of traditional book publishers, learning is not anymore in the hands of schools and other educational institutions.

Today a person can learn from a myriad of new different sources, at his own pace and time.

"The internet has democratized education and businesses should take notice.

You are in business because you have some area of expertise.

Sharing your expertise is a way to help you build your brand and provide value."

From the original article: "The Education of Millionaires, a book by Michael Ellsberg that proposes that the best investment in education is one that offers lifelong, relevant knowledge that will make you financially successful.

He urges people to find mentors and experts to teach the skills they need, rather than investing six figures in a traditional college education that is unlikely to contribute to their ability to earn a living.

I have mixed feelings about suggesting that people forgo or drop out of college, but I believe we are seeing a trend worth noting.

People are looking to non-traditional sources to learn from. Education and business are merging. "

The article is full of short, valuable insights, like these:

"As a brand, your expertise in the product you sell — in every way it affects the people who use it — sets you apart. If you sell shoes, you could teach fashion or fitness. If your product is food, teach nutrition."

"Consumers need information to choose when there are too many options."

"Education is a form of curation."

Right on track. Must-read. 8/10

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