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Internet Marketing Strategy 2.0
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How the New Google+ Events Can Help Your Business

How the New Google+ Events Can Help Your Business | Internet Marketing Strategy 2.0 |

Robin Good: Up until today most businesses have been using Facebook Events and other event marketing platforms to promote anything live, from their own workshops to conferences and live webinars.

Now, Google+ has a competing event marketing and promotion service which provides a valid alternative.

Key features include:

Full integration with Google Calendar—users can view and respond to your events on Google Calendar.

Real-time Event Photo Stream—all attendees can contribute directly to one shared photo collection.

Mobile Integration—Party Mode allows guests to snap and share photos in real time from their phones.

Easy Email Reminders—automated reminders are sent out to your confirmed guest list, along with an update that the event is starting.

Events On Air—allows your event to go public. Anyone can find the event page of a public event, view and upload photos, share the event with friends and make comments.

Hangout Integration—easily schedule and host virtual meetings and events that can be accessed via a laptop or smartphone by up to 10 guests.

Event Analytics—gain insight into offsite activities that involve your Google+ Event via Google’s Social Reporting Tool.

If you want to find out rapidly how to use Google+ Events and to what elements to pay particular attention this article is for you.

Useful. Informative. 7/10

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Beth Kanter's comment, August 24, 2012 11:14 AM
One annoying feature, or maybe I can't find the place in my settings, but I get random invites from random people to events and it automatically gets on my google calendar and creates clutter. I wish I could flip a switch that says not to add the event to my calendar.
Robin Good's comment, August 25, 2012 3:05 AM
Beth, thanks for sharing the issues you have encountered. I don't see that switch yet either.
Scooped by Robin Good!

Announce, Promote and Sell Your Event with DoAttend

Announce, Promote and Sell Your Event with DoAttend | Internet Marketing Strategy 2.0 |

DoAttend is a great new web-based service which allows you to:

a) Create your event landing page easily and by being able to add images, links, and your preferred videos within an already professionally-designed web template.

b) Brand your event page with your logo and masthead.

c) Design your own event tickets with your own logo.

d) Customise the information you want to collect from attendees, ticket buyers and guests.

e) Create free tickets, paid tickets, and your own sale periods (good for offering early–bird tickets). Limit the quantity on sale or let them run wild. Create multiple discount coupons, configure them as percentages or absolute amounts and set their validity period.

f) Setup a LIVE Coverage page for your event, that streams live tweets and photos tagged on Flickr.

Collate what everyone's taking about into a single web page, that's accessible to anyone through a web browser.

g) Track your registrations and attendees and export all registration information to a CSV format anytime you want.

h) Send emails to attendees who've registered for your event. Choose from any one of the categories available (such as all completed registrants, attendees who've purchased a specific ticket, etc) and send a single email to every attendee in the category. Great for communicating last minute reminders to attendees before the event.

j) Print badges for all your attendees to wear on the event day. Customize the size of the badge, the information to display, font sizes and colors.

The service is optimized for both iPhone and iPads. 

Check out all features: 

Pricing: (it's free for free events and you pay a small percentage on your ticket sales for paid ones)

Find out more: 

(Reviewed by Robin Good)

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