Google+ Brand Page Verification: How To Do It | Internet Marketing Strategy 2.0 |

From the article intro: "Anyone building a brand or business page on Google+ quickly comes to a rather unsettling realization: at no point in the process does Google do anything to check that you have any real connection to the brand name on your page.


Google has provided a way for you to verify your page to Google.

As a verified page, you should get preference in Google and Google+ search results, and you’ll also qualify for Direct Connect when it rolls out more broadly. (Direct Connect allows searchers on Google to go straight to your Google+ brand page by entering a “+” in front of your brand name. It is currently available only to a select few brands.)

If you use the fullest version of the badge, it even displays friends of the visitor who have +1ed you, a +1 button, and an “Add to Circles” button. The +1 button will display your aggregated number of +1s from your home page, your Google+ Page, and any AdWords ads you’ve linked to +1."

Recommended. 8/10

Here's how to how to verify your Google+ Page: