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From the original article: "Landing pages have evolved a lot over the past five years. 

1) Landing Pages 1.0


The prototypical structure: a headline, a short description or some bullets, a small image (“hero shot”), and a form.


Most of the fields on the form were required. The “submit” button was still in vogue. And the payoff for filling out the form? A phone call from a sales rep.



2) Landing Pages 2.0: The Beginning Of Best Practices


Best practices were things that everyone using landing pages could — or should — follow.


They included:

- A/B and multivariate (MVT) testing — test, test, test your ideas
- “message match” continuity between ads/emails and their landing pages
- shorter and friendlier forms with better calls-to-action (CTAs)
- emphasis on text content (not Flash!) to improve SEO and quality scores
- “social proof” with logos, awards, certifications, testimonials, etc.



3) Landing Pages 3.0: Beyond Best Practices driving conversion programs from a higher set of principles:


1. Deliver meaningful, context-relevant content
2. Present that content with an engaging, affective design
3. Offer a compelling, but not coercive, “next step” to take"



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