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Robin Good: Eppie Vojt, a Digital Marketing Consultant at JPL, has just published a great case study on making "garbage" rank in the SERPs, and at the end of it has discretely launched a new great online tool: LinkDetective.

LinkDetective will x-ray and dissect any website to provide you with a detailed breakdown of all the links pointing to that URL. Not only. LinkDetective allows you to slice and dice this data in a million different ways, giving you the capability for example to see only anchor text links coming from blogs, comments, or blogrolls and to see exactly where those have been obtained.

"Most link metrics tell a story you already know -- people are ranking with authoritative links and heavy use of anchor text.

No matter how you slice that, it doesn't get more actionable.

The challenge is figuring out where you can GET THOSE LINKS. Isn't it?

That's where Link Detective comes in.

Link Detective rifles through a backlink profile using semantic markup and URL naming conventions to group links by type. This makes it SUPER easy to see which of your competitors' links you can swipe for yourself.

Even if you're not looking for the "low-hanging fruit," Link Detective can make your job easier.

By quickly classifying low quality links, Link Detective leaves a smaller pile of high quality contextual links behind that you can run through manually.

No matter how you use it, Link Detective makes link building a breeze."

Highly recommended. 9/10

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