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Bing has launched “Linked Pages,” which allow people to link sites related to themselves in search results for when people search for the person’s name.


Pretty interesting, especially since Bing allows users to simply add links that they just like.


“Search for yourself,” suggests Ian Lin of Bing Social Search. “Try including your city, school, or employer – for example ‘John Smith Bing’ – to find more results and start linking. Links can include your blog, a personal website, organizations you’re associated with, activities you’re involved with or just sites you like. And as your interests and activities change, you can easily link more. So now when your friends search for you, they’ll not only see trusted results from Bing, but also the pages and sites you’ve linked.”


"With Linked Pages on Bing, you can decide how you look to your old roommate, your first crush, or a new friend".


You can add your links at


The Linked Pages are in Beta and US-only at first.


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