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Internet Marketing Strategy 2.0
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How to Create an Effective Google+ SEO Content Strategy

How to Create an Effective Google+ SEO Content Strategy | Internet Marketing Strategy 2.0 |

Robin Good: If you have decided to move on to Google+ ground and start doing something serious about it, I wouldn't hesitate one second in recommending this truly thorough guide on setting up an effective marketing strategy via Google+.

Neil Patel at Search Engine Journal covers it all. From how to optimize your Google+ Profile and Circles to how to format your Google+ post and headlines, he does a thorough job of summarizing and explaining clearly what you need to do to make Google+ work for you.

Very useful. 9/10

Full article:  

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Engagement Publishing is the New Content Marketing - Here's Why - John Battelle

Engagement Publishing is the New Content Marketing - Here's Why - John Battelle | Internet Marketing Strategy 2.0 |

I selected this piece today because it is timely and relevant, social media is part of the equation but the focus should be on social business, which is the bigger picture. It's important to package your content and repurpose it to fit the social network(s) where your audience resides. This interview talks about   


In this interview with McKinsey and Compay, John Battelle, founder & chairman of Federated Media Publishing says.....


**Marketers need to shift their mindset from being a publisher to engaging an audience.


To paraphrase:


Marketers are starting to see an ecosystem of paid, owned and earned media that they're very interested in feeding through social interactions and content marketing.


Here's what caught my attention:


Marketers have always created content, print and radio ads, 30-second spots, display banners


****But they never have really seen these elements as an integrated corpus of content living in a digitally driven ecosystem


**Marketers need to become engagement publishers


**"Increasingly, [marketers] are realizing that this social media space involves an ongoing conversation. Assets never really go away."


**Building conversation “inventory” at scale


I agree that all brands probably should be on Facebook, but what you really need is an integrated strategy that has – at its root – the brand's own domain, independent from any platform other than the Internet itself.


Measuring the success of conversational engagement


These things are very hard to directly measure from a simple click. And often, as we know, the people who click are not the people you want as customers anyway.


**So you need a bridge to that kind of insight that gives a media buyer the justification to say that this new technology is worth the investment.


**Marketers have been very interested in understanding how their content is amplified in the past few years


**Now there is technology that allows us to automatically collect and present this data (More in detail in interview)


**The best companies create communities of interest that are independent:


**they are rooted in the independent Web, with expressions on Facebook, or as an iPhone or Android app – those all become instances of their brand.


** Companies should create a circulatory system through which they can promote different aspects of their messaging and interactions with their community.


**If you're going to be a brand with a publishing approach to marketing, you must have an independent taproot that isn’t controlled by anyone but you. 


Put out your branches and feelers everywhere. Integrate that experience and let your content and messaging flow through it.


Curated by Jan Gordon covering "Content Curation, Social Business and Beyond"


Read full interview here: []

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Key Steps in Setting Up Your Google+ Business Page

Key Steps in Setting Up Your Google+ Business Page | Internet Marketing Strategy 2.0 |

Robin Good: If you are seriously considering to jump on the Google+ bus and to do all that is needed to leverage the new social network and the unique benefits it may have on your SEO, check the advice provided in this article.

"Google+ Business Pages offer unprecedented search ranking advantages, so make optimizing your profile for both regular Google search and G+’s internal search your first priority.

Next you’ll want to make sure your profile “sells the follow.” Does it capture attention and say, “You’ll want me in your circles!” in those few seconds when someone takes their first look?"

Then, these that follow need to be your key stratgic steps:

1. Optimize Your Page for SEO

2. Upgrade Your Page’s Visual Appeal

3. Fill Your Post Stream with Quality Content

4. Begin to Attract Followers

5. Engage!


Here all the details on how to do it: 

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