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The Future of Marketing Is About Listening, Curating and Building Good Relationships

The Future of Marketing Is About Listening, Curating and Building Good Relationships | Internet Marketing Strategy 2.0 |
Robin Good's insight:

If you are goal includes marketing and selling information products or services to the adults, entrepreneurs and business men of tomorrow, I recommend you read this short article by Scott Di Marco, who is the Library Director at the University of Mansfield.

Inspired by Stefan Pollack's book "Disrupted", Scott identifies and lists down the key critical points defining the iGeneration:

Generation X was about "us versus the man"

Generation Y was the "me" generation

iGeneration is the "us" generation - together they can change institutions and create the environment they want.

In addition he identifies these specific characterizing traits:

- They strongly rely on recommendation and referrals of friends, peers, and other consumers

- The expert or journalistic critics only matters if they agree with them

- Forget print and TV. They use mobile devices like oxygen

- They want information that's relevant and or funny.

- They look for specific, niche info. 

- Ads are ok for them as long as they are relevant and authentic. 

- They want a relationship. They do not want to be sold stuff.

Scott Di Marco  then goes to on to provide some key insightful recommendations on how to approach these people by listening and adopting a curatorial approach.

My comment: Scott Di Marco's analysis doesn't apply only to the world of libraries. The future of marketing is indeed strongly bound to understanding and respecting the values and traits of the new generations outlined above. Cultivating them can only benefit any company or organization that wants to look at long-term survival.

Insightful. Great advice. Recommended. 8/10

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Jeff Domansky's curator insight, October 3, 2013 4:02 PM

Valuable insight into generation Z. and how they process information.

Amal Rafeeq's comment, October 4, 2013 9:05 AM
Just loved it :) ♥
Bill Cosgrove's comment, July 8, 2016 7:39 AM
Glad you could use it-All The Best-Bill(:
Scooped by Robin Good!

Knowing How To Listen Closely Is More Valuable (Economically) Than Knowing How To Sell

Knowing How To Listen Closely Is More Valuable (Economically) Than Knowing How To Sell | Internet Marketing Strategy 2.0 |

Robin Good: If you are still thinking about marketing as the most efficient and direct way to make your customers buy from you, it is time to start reconsidering this approach.

Going for the sell, sell, sell approach has worked for decades and for millions of sales people, but now, the most effective and durable way to make your business thrive, is once again the one that requires no thinking: don't think about selling, think about helping and listen closely to what your potential customers want.

That's all there is to it: make yourself accessible and truly helpful.

To exemplify what it takes, the short story of Eydie Stumpf may help you out: "When I first moved to California in 1998, I worked as a car and truck sales person.

Never having sold anything in my life, this was a completely new world for me.

The goal, as was explained to me, was to put every person who walked onto the lot into a vehicle — period.

The sales manager trained me and provided me with various scripts that I was to use to overcome objections.

Every morning we began the day with a sales meeting and afterwards, the sales team marched into the trenches with the words sell, sell, sell, throbbing in our heads.

After about a week on the job, a team member approached me. He bluntly told me that I would never make it as a car sales person.

“You’re too nice”, he said.

You can’t make friends with the customers. They’ll never buy from you.

Morale of the story:

"Relationship marketing is not just for social media.

Build relationships using your blog, email marketing, and offline events like networking groups, business expos, mixers, and speaking opportunities.

Online or off, attract loyal customers by allowing them to know who you are, know who they are, and enlighten them with the priceless information you have that can solve their problem."

Good reminder. 7/10

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10 Good Web Marketing Tips for New Startups from John Doherty of Distilled

10 Good Web Marketing Tips for New Startups from John Doherty of Distilled | Internet Marketing Strategy 2.0 |
Today, Ebyline proudly presents an exclusive interview with John F. Doherty, head of Distilled New York, founder of HireGun, international speaker, blogger, and photographer.
Robin Good's insight:

Excellent advice, in this short but content-rich interview published by Ebyline. In it, John F. Doherty, head of one of the top SEO companies in the US, shares ten key tips about marketing, SEO and where to start, that can be of good help to new online startups.

The advice and suggestions provided are simple, straightforward and easy to read, thanks also to the good formatting style of the article.

Some of the best tips shared, focus on:

- what's the first step to take to market one's own company online

- how to create a social media following when you have none

- how to compete with established companies in the SERPs

- how to avoid the top four reasons for which Google penalizes a site

among several other ones.

Useful. Rightful. Clear. 8/10

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Link Building: How To Create Badly Wanted Linkable Assets

Link Building: How To Create Badly Wanted Linkable Assets | Internet Marketing Strategy 2.0 |

Robin Good: Good post by Neil Patel at ProBlogger explaining one of the fundamentals of online marketing 2.0: create free, tangible value, like no other, with unique content assets that people will WANT to link to.

He writes: "A linkable asset is a piece of content that is responsible for driving lots of links to your site.

It could be an infographic that you update every year, but it’s usually much bigger and complex.

The Feltron Report is an annual report that’s like an infographic on steroids. It’s more than likely you’ve heard of the Felton Report. Its personal data from the life of Nicholas Felton, a designer and data guy, who’s been cranking out these reports since 2005.
SEOmoz’s Annual Ranking Report is another annual report that is a linkable asset.

Distilled’s SEO Guide to Creating Viral Linkbait and Infographics and Smashing Magazine’s The Death of the Boring Blog Postare also linkable assets.
Sometimes these assets are a simple widget like Bankrate’s millionaire calculator or egobait like the Ad Age Power150."

Must-know stuff. 8/10

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