Above-The-Fold Browser Analytics: Google Launches Browser-Size Analysis | Internet Marketing Strategy 2.0 | Scoop.it

Robin Good: If you are interested in understanding more about what your web site visitors effectively see, when they land on one of your pages, this newly launched tool for optimizing your site content by visualizing relevant data right on your web pages, will be definitely helpful.

As part of its free Google Analytics service, Google has just announced the release of a new tool, replacing the old Browsersize tool they offered before, with a new one capable of visualizing on top of any of your web site pages data refelecting the amount of the page that your visitors are actually seeing upon landing on it.

To access this new function do as follows: "Simply navigate to the Content section in Google Analytics, and click In-Page Analytics.

A new information layer is available (the feature is bing rolled out gradually over the next few weeks, so please be patient if you don’t see it yet).

Click Browser Size to shade portions of the page that are below the fold.

You can now click anywhere on the screen to see what percentage of visitors can see it, or control the threshold percentage by using the slider."

Find out  more: http://analytics.blogspot.ca/2012/06/new-feature-conduct-browser-size.html