How To Really Listen To Your Customers and Fans: 5 Exercises in Perceptive Listening | Internet Marketing Strategy 2.0 |

Jon Jantsch at Duct Tape Marketing as a valuable article on listening, one of the key skills every individual or company needs to further refine in the near future. He writes:

"...I believe that one of the master skills of any marketer, manager, or educator is the ability to listen perceptively to what our prospects, customers, staff and community members are saying.

...there are many forms of listening.

a) Passive listening – the kind we do when we are listening to a seminar but we’re really scrolling through Pinterest.

b) Selective listening – the kind that I might practice when I’m discussing something with someone and mostly I’m thinking about what I’m going say next.

c) Active listening – the kind where we are discussing something with someone and reacting only to the words being said.

d) Perceptive listening – the kind where I hear and interpret the words, but I also consider what the person is thinking and perhaps how they are acting as they say the words.

Perceptive listening is by far the most complex because it requires you to be totally focused, completely mindful and, well, perceptive of what’s really going on."

Useful. 8/10

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