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Robin Good: X-Events, as I like to call them, are events that extend beyond the physical time-bound reality of a conference or workshop arena, into the time before and past the event to create an ongoing wave of interest and discussion around a specific topic.

Donna Kastner, on the blog site of Cvent, an event company, brings forward a simple set of ideas that can help any conference organizer or promoter to understand how to leverage and "curate" event assets and opportunities to extract lots more value and ROI.

Key suggestions:

1) Capture: With so many rich multi-media capture tools at our fingertips, it's getting easier to collect and archive master files of learning conversations. Don't miss your best archivists -- the attendees, themselves. ...

2) Edit: Invest time to glean the most valuable nuggets and serve them up in bite-sized chunks, one piece at a time. How about a series of 2-minute videos that weave together to form something no one else can match? How about a Cliff-Notes outline of key discussion points from workshops?

3) Catalog: Don't make attendees dig through your content "junk drawer" to find what they need. Think through how you might catalog these golden nuggets for easy, just-in-time access. 

4) Remix: If you've invested time in items 1, 2, & 3, here's where things really cook. You now have a learning "smorgasbord" where you can mix new combos to refresh and apply key learnings. Make sure this knowledge feast includes a nice mix of documents, audio, video, and more. How about pulling together soundbites & stats to design Infographics? Follow-up webinars? How about a series of small group web discussions (Google+ Hangouts?)

Recommended. 8/10

Full article: http://blog.cvent.com/blog/meeting-planning-innovation/event-content-curation-capture-edit-catalog-and-remix