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Robin Good: Return Path has released a new free web service which allows you to check the content of your yet-to-be-sent newsletters and to verify it for any possible deliverability issues, before it's too late.

"A free service of Return Path, the Sender Score algorithm rates the reputation of every outgoing mail server IP address on a scale from 0-100.

Gathering data from over 60 million mailboxes at big ISPs like BellSouth and Comcast, Return Path records if people frequently unsubscribe or report spam from certain email senders, and then assigns you a Sender Score based on that monitoring.

Your Sender Score will continue to change depending on your email sending habits and the responses of your recipients.

It's a crucial number to stay on top of, because mail servers will often check your Sender Score before deciding what to do with your emails. The lower your Sender Score, the harder time you'll have getting into someone's inbox.

There are plenty of things that can impact the deliverability of your email, but Return Path reports that 83% of the time an email is not delivered to an inbox, it is due to a poor sender reputation.

Even if an email network or ISP doesn't query your Sender Score to determine whether they will deliver your email, the factors used in determining your Sender Score are similar to those used by email networks and ISPs to determine your sender reputation.

As such, the score is a great, free email sender reputation tool to ensure you are aware of and have the opportunity to fix any deliverability problems."

Here the variables taken into account to generate the Sender Score:

  • Complaints
  • Volume
  • External Reputation
  • Unknown Users
  • Rejected
  • Accepted
  • Accepted Rate
  • Unknown User Rate

"Scores are calculated on a rolling, 30-day average and represent the rank of an IP address against other IP addresses, much like a percentile ranking.

The closer your score is to 0, the worse it is, and if you're close to 100 like Return Path is in this sample report, well you're in pretty great shape."

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