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Robin Good: Brad Neelan does a good job of outlining and summarizing what it takes to find relevant new content themes that can help you or your company stand out and become more relevant to your readers.

In synthesis, this is the three-step strategy he suggests to use:

"What you are looking for is data insights that highlight a trending topic or illustrate an opportunity area based on emerging interest.

When you couple these trending keyword opportunities with categories of interest to your business clientele, you can formulate a snapshot based on growing patterns of interest.

...When you begin to institutionally think about where you can capitalize on keywords that are either not yet in vogue, or about to become breakout, you will find that search provides a wealth of potential insight to inform your next big differentiating position.

...Once you have begun to think about the opportunities keyword insights can provide, you collect the concepts into a pool of potential targets grouped by theme."

Useful. 7/10

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