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Robin Good: Good post by Neil Patel at ProBlogger explaining one of the fundamentals of online marketing 2.0: create free, tangible value, like no other, with unique content assets that people will WANT to link to.

He writes: "A linkable asset is a piece of content that is responsible for driving lots of links to your site.

It could be an infographic that you update every year, but it’s usually much bigger and complex.

The Feltron Report is an annual report that’s like an infographic on steroids. It’s more than likely you’ve heard of the Felton Report. Its personal data from the life of Nicholas Felton, a designer and data guy, who’s been cranking out these reports since 2005.
SEOmoz’s Annual Ranking Report is another annual report that is a linkable asset.

Distilled’s SEO Guide to Creating Viral Linkbait and Infographics and Smashing Magazine’s The Death of the Boring Blog Postare also linkable assets.
Sometimes these assets are a simple widget like Bankrate’s millionaire calculator or egobait like the Ad Age Power150."

Must-know stuff. 8/10

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