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Scooped by Robin Good
October 16, 2013 2:00 PM!

Identify Valuable Business Opportunities with the Consumer Trend Canvas

Identify Valuable Business Opportunities with the Consumer Trend Canvas | Internet Marketing Strategy 2.0 |
Robin Good's insight:, a web magazine devoted to analyze, research and report about upcoming consumer trends, has released the Consumer Trend Canvas (inspired by Alex Osterwalder's).

The free CTC has been designed for anyone interested in looking deeper into the innovation and business opportunities available by looking into the specific traits of new consumer trends.

The Consumer Trend Canvas per se is nothing else but a printable PDF framework that contains instructions, tips and examples as well as a full-page structured canvas that help you analyze any possible consumer trend.

"An easy-to-follow framework that will help you not only unpack and understand any consumer trend, but also help you apply it to launch successful consumer-facing innovations of your own."

More info: 

Consumer Trend Canvas: 

Alessandro Rea's curator insight, October 17, 2013 5:06 AM

An easy-to-follow framework that will help you not only unpack andunderstand any consumer trend, but also help you apply it to launchsuccessful consumer-facing innovations of your own.



How & when to use the CONSUMER TREND CANVAS:Download your blank Consumer Trend CanvasTake the trend that you are interested in exploring further (either from us, or elsewhere!).As you analyze the trend, fill out the left hand side of the canvas (‘Understand’) with insights, data and examples. Then use the ‘Apply’ section on the right hand side to capture your ideas.Keep on circling back to re-examine how the segments relate to each other. Insights in one segment may highlight other elements of the trend and help you uncover truly novel concepts.Also, try using it to structure an innovation session with your team or a client. Then enjoy that ‘a-ha!’ moment as people both understand what a trend is all about, and how to make the most of it ;)


Read More:

Elías Manuel Sánchez Castañeda's curator insight, November 17, 2013 2:44 PM

A significant percentage of working-age Mexicans (PEA: economically active population) have no chance of finding a job as an employee, so it needs to develop the ability to use tools for self-employed or start a business. A useful tool is the Business Model Canvas, which allows a review sheet nine key concepts that has any business, and develop knowledge and actions that increase the likelihood that the company move forward.

Un porcentaje importante de los mexicanos en edad de trabajar (PEA: Población Económicamente Activa) no tendrá oportunidad de encontrar un trabajo como empleado, por lo que necesita desarrollar la habilidad de utilizar herramientas para auto-emplearse o para iniciar un negocio propio. Una herramienta útil es el Model Business Canvas, que nos permite en una hoja repasar nueve conceptos clave que tiene cualquier negocio, y desarrollar conocimientos y acciones que incrementan la probabilidad de que la empresa siga adelante.

Birgitta Edberg's curator insight, March 29, 2015 3:53 PM

Buiness Model Canvas and Customer Trend Canvas. Visualization make the Thinking Process Easier.

Scooped by Robin Good
January 9, 2012 4:06 PM!

How To Build Effective Landing Page: 5 Real-World Examples Analyzed

How To Build Effective Landing Page: 5 Real-World Examples Analyzed | Internet Marketing Strategy 2.0 |

Robin Good: Here are 5 well-executed commercial landing pages analyzed and reviewed by Corey Eridon. 

You can get a lot of useful insight by simply looking at how other companies have executed their landing page and improving on their mistakes.

If you are building a landing page, the illustrated examples and specific advice provided for each example in this article, can provide some valuable insight.

Useful examples and reviews. 8/10

Full article: 

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Rescooped by Robin Good from Marketing Strategy and Business
March 25, 2012 9:59 AM!

SEO Site Tools: A New Chrome Extension To X-Ray Any Website Instantly

SEO Site Tools: A New Chrome Extension To X-Ray Any Website Instantly | Internet Marketing Strategy 2.0 |

Robin Good: SEO Site Tools is a professional SEO extension for the Google Chrome browser which acts as website x-ray analyzer by providing tons of useful information about any URL you provide it with. 


Besides providing a PageRank value for any page you are on without even needing to click on it, SEO Tools extracts this useful data from any URL:


1) External Page Data

- Google Trends;

- Google Indexed Pages & Domain Links;

- SEOmoz Linkscape;

- Quantcast Ranking;

- Alexa Data;

- Majestic SEO Data;

- SEMRush Data;


2) Page Elements

SEO Title & Meta Description; 

Anchor Tags; 

Img Tags; 

Formatting Tags; 

Header Tags.


3) Social Media

Measures how many





Reddit, and

Delicious actions

have been made on a particular page.


4) Page Terms / Tools

In this section, you can get some valuable information for keyword research, site speed, and more.


5) Server / Domain Info

Go to this section to see any publicly listed information about a domain’s registrant including the site owner’s name and email address.


6) Suggestions

This area gives you free SEO advice about what things you should be on the lookout for in your on-site optimization.



Each element is analyzed and detailed.


Get SEO Tools now: 

Read the full review of SEO Tools by Kristi Hines here:


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